!!!A R T Section (2015- )

El Paquete Semanal is a circulating media collection that is distributed underground throughout Cuba as a workaround for widespread lack of internet. The !!!A R T Section creates an alternative exhibition space within the paquete, in collaboration with product’s creators.

The artist conceived of a folder containing information of interest for those who are familiar with contemporary art and those who aren’t. Updated monthly, it’s no more than 5GB, and follows the rules of El Paquete Semanal: no pornography and no political issues. The !!!A R T Section contains “Message to the Consumer”—a manifesto for the project written in a rhetorical style associated with the Cuban Revolution. Also included are art documentaries, publications, exhibitions announcements, artistic opportunities and original artist projects in the “FOLDER=gallery=” a space for independent exhibitions within a digital scope. Invited artists can not use the !!!A R T folder for self-promotion, their works must be interventions within the El Paquete Semanal and will be in the public domain.

!!!A R T Section
Intervention, digital media collection aggregated monthly and distributed nationally


The Download #7: In-person file sharing 

The Download is a series of Rhizome commissions curated by Paul Soulellis that considers posted files, the act of downloading, and the user’s desktop as the space of exhibition. !!!Sección A R T E [No. 11+Rhizome]by Julia Weist and Nestor Siré.



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