All for Sale, Banksy in Havana (2004-15)

In this work the artist criticizes the Cuban art market in a moment of great speculation after the re-establishment of diplomatic relations between Cuba and the USA and the celebration of Havana´s 12th Biennial of Art. With the eyes of the world set on the Island, the intention of the artist was to conceive of a piece appealing the market and changing its expectations.

In Havana Siré found a Gangster Rat by the well-known artist Banksy; he appropriated the graffiti as well as the process used in the art world to commercialize Banksy´s work against his will. The graffiti underwent an intense process of restoration and was taken off the wall by using the stacco technique. With the slogan “The only Banksy alive in Cuba” the work, valued by Art Price, has a selling price of $40 000 USD but also includes a limitation for its acquisition: the piece cannot be taken out of Cuba no matter whom the buyer is. Although there is much interest, no one has purchased the piece yet.

All for sale, Banksy in Havana
Action and appropriation


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