Autopsy (2016)

Autopsy focuses on the opening and closing of private business in the era of revolutionary Cuba. The work explores the story of a business, closed in the early days of Revolution, in relation to current laws.

The artists intervened in a space located on an avenue in downtown Camaguey, Cuba. This space, a store and suitcase factory until early 1960, was closed by the owner when the Law of Nationalization abolished private business (one of the first political and economic decrees of the Revolution). The space is like a time capsule of a pre-Revolutionary Cuba, with objects and materials from the last day the store was opened: a newspaper, the cash register and ledger.

The artists discovered that the owner died in 2008, five years prior to the authorization that allowed private business to operate once again in Cuba.

Archeological intervention, installation and video
Collaboration with Chuli Herrera


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