Shared Link (2014-15)

Shared Link is a conceptual project created in response to an invitation to participate in the 6th Salon of Cuban Contemporary Art (6to SACC). The artist created an announcement for a pirate project realized online, thereby sharing the benefits provided by the invitation to the 6th Salon with other Cuban creators.

The project sought to invigorate the traditional process of selection in art institutions. Shared Link became a parallel, but independent, event to the Salon, establishing a different procedure of selection within the Cuban art world. Those who received the announcement had only to send their proposal in order to be included and to participate in the exhibition online. The applicants also elected the jury to choose the winning proposal.

“Sharing Siré´s link is becoming an accomplice to the game of institutionalizing, without being institutionalized,” wrote Pavel Alejandro Barrios Sosa. The project was a forum for promoting and discussing art from an insider and co-creative perspective, blurring the borders between author and costumer, between art and mechanisms of legitimation.

Shared Link
Pirate call for submissions and online exhibition


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