Video Combos (2015)

Public intervention in 15 place and 4 digital videos (37 videos in general).


The videos in this series investigate the creative recycling so central to the Cuban cultural context. Borne from necessity and survival, these tactics are also inherently oppositional to the centralizing power of the State. The videos were distributed through two uber-Cuban channels: DVD “stores” for pirated media and within El Paquete Semanal, a digital media package aggregated weekly and circulated nationally on hard drives (in place of internet connectivity). Viewers of the 2015 Havana Biennial were given a map with instructions for how to obtain the videos. One could either visit a DVD point of sale or request a Paquete delivery (by sending a text message to Frank).



Project videos:
Children´s Games – Centers on the games that have been created in contemporary Cuban society, increasingly pragmatic in nature and utilizing creative recycling and reuse. In this context, forms of entertainment and children’s collections operate in a precarious way in public and private spaces.
The “Clave” – Focuses on creative solutions that emerge in both institutional and domestic environments to address daily life problems generated by the shortage of resources in Cuba.
New Alternatives – Features the economic activities of those who are self-employed in the underground sector, trying to generate profit.
Utility of Art – Explores the osmosis of art into everyday environments in order to satisfy the needs of that environment. Works exercise a new function that doesn’t relate to the objects’ condition as art.


Project for the 12th Havana Biennial















































Postcards mapping access to the project at DVD/CD point of sale locations. Design: Venus (Digital Magazine)



Documentation of project videos for sale in a DVD point of sale location.






















Project advertisement included in El Paquete Semanal two months prior to the biennial



Text message requesting home delivery of El Paquete Semanal (which included the project) 

Root menu of El Paquete Semanal and the project.


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