Deathmatch DOTA 2 (2015)

This work explores the phenomenon of online games, which in the Cuban context have been adapted to operate offline. Because of the precarity of equipment and access, gamers have built their own net (SNET or wifi_Habana) and have generated an independent infrastructure to overcome issues of disconnection.

The artist used a gallery space to organize the very first registered match for DotA in Havana, and visualized the phenomenon of multi-players games through informal networks—more than 500 matches with 600 players participating in Havana. Siré also collaborated with designers to create the first DotA identity and a trophy for future events. The first official tournament for the DotA community in Cuba was organized shortly after as a result of the events widespread recognition and circulation.

Deathmatch DOTA 2
Action, documentation and installation


WaNT3D (Capitán-Función Hard-Lane, Javier de Jesús Avalos López)

D3L10R4 (Función Solo-Mid, Koisam Rodríguez Villamil)

NARRA (Función Carrier, José Manuel Socarras Méndez)

DAMAGE (Función Support, Dayron Angel Avalos López)

WallE (Función Support, Alejandro Carreras Fernández)


DIsAsT (Capitán-Función Carrier-Solo Mid, Angel Pagán Tergas)

L (Función Solo Mid- Carrier, Jose Luis Linares Redondo)

Morric (Función Hard-Lane, Ai Guoer)

T9!!! (Función Support, Daniel Contreras Díaz)

Kira (Función Support, Arnaldo Corzo Ferrer)



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