Three and One Flags * (2017)

  • 12 hours of digital video of the American flag flying at the US Embassy in Havana
  • 1000 video clips of American flag garments and accessories captured throughout Cuba. Playback interrupts embassy footage when triggered by a motion sensor.


Since December 2015, when the governments of Cuba and the United States announced the reopening of diplomatic communications, there has been increased use of the American flag in the Cuban context. With this developing phenomenon as his point of departure, Siré has created a video archive of more than 972 video clips. The installation references Jasper John’s “Three Flags” (1958), alluding to the informality with which this symbol is used, regardless of the implications at play.

* Jasper Johns – “Three Flags” (1958, encaustic and newspaper on canvas, 77 x 115 x 11 cm, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York.)

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