In collaboration with Yonlay Cabrera

At a conceptual level, the project draws on the development of photography in Cuba, starting from documentary photography to the recent impact of New Media on photographic processes. We intend to emphasize action, idea, memory, data and intention as a photograph in and of itself. We see photography in an unprejudiced way, from inside and outside, without fear of breaking or redefining, connecting all the aspects that constitute it; that is, photography as an expression of contemporary art. This project is the result of a collaboration that not only represents our work, but was conceived from an intellectual challenge and creative exercise in common.


Collaboration guidelines:

1. Photographic process. Starting from the idea, the intention or the photographic
2. Seriality. In the sense of magnitude, scope and variety of expression
3. No Post-production. Keep the result as it is, the instantaneous and immediate
4. Value as Information. From the represented object, the documentary record
5. Present. Indicate what happens here and now

Guidelines 1 and 3 were proposed by Nestor Siré and 2 and 4 by Yonlay Cabrera. Pattern 5 was decided between the two.


Documentation of Absence.

Format: Installation, four cell phones, light and sound, distribution of images on various media.
Pattern to which it responds: Present.

The four cell phones, connected together form a system controlled by software. Each cell phone will allow you to take a selfie. When activating one of them, the four will take in unison a photo of the whole space. The system will be connected to a server that will post in different media a progression of images composed of all the photos taken, following the scale that maintains the dimensions of the set, but that at the same time progressively reduces the size of the individual photographs.



Format: Photocopy of document.
Pattern to which it responds: No Post-production.

Photocopy of the official certificate of Conceptual Photography Dogma 95.


One Phenomenon, two Interpretations.

Format: Mixed media on cardboard.
Pattern to which it responds: Photographic Process.

Phenomenon: One of the best known images of Cuba in the whole world is a stereotyped product, oriented to the attraction of tourism.

Yonlay Cabrera will begin at the moment just before taking the picture, considering pure information as a form. To do this, he will establish the geolocation coordinates and the visual angle from the specific place from which the photo was taken.

Nestor Siré will consider the capturing of images oriented towards tourism. In the same places designated by YC, NS will hire watercolor artists who sell their works in Old Havana to capture of place, as a mechanical action of reproduction.

The basic images are five places in Havana that were established taking into account their positioning in the Google image search engines.


Street Painters:
Erick Montes de Oca / Yaset Martín Hernández / Yaser Menéndez / Abel Amador / Luis Suárez


NS’s idea solved by YC

Format: Installation, laser stamping on plastic sheets.
Pattern to which it responds: Seriality.

Registration of the names of pirated WiFi in Cuba generated through the use of Connectify software, which sells Internet access (NAUTA_ETECSA) to other users at half the official price.


YC idea’s solved by NS

Format: Installation, QR and wifi network.
Pattern to which it responds: Value as Information.

Projection of all the metadata (name, URL, size …), of the photographs included in the Digital Documentation Archive of the Rubén Martínez Villena Gallery of the Office of the Historian of the city of Havana.