Commons [La_red-SNET] (2018-)

Interactive installation _ Process art
ShiftSpace, 416 commerce street # 102
School of Art, Design and Creative Industries, Wichita State University. Kansas. US

Curated in collaboration with Claudia Pederson

Adrian Olivares (sociologist)
Mauricio Vega (designer)
Lizbel Monica (researcher_writer)
Anielkis Herrera (software_engineer)
Yainet Rodríguez (researcher)
Evelio Mederos (production)


I focused this project on the detailed observation of phenomena that emerge spontaneously in Cuba from everyday social practices. These phenomena are a typical tactic reaction either to precarity or a specific deficiency in the public sector. When there is a need, people build their own utilitarian networks outside official institutions via collaboration. Partially related to socialist ideology, these practices can also be understood as the strength of human groups once they organize to meet common goals.

The phenomena that I work with on this project are Cuban cases of informal associations that prioritize the collective over the individual.


S-NET (wifi_habana)
Primary goal: CONNECTION, to socialize and generate healthy recreational activities


This network is similar to that of the online gaming community. However, in the Cuban context, the gamers’ community rose in a media ecology that was primarily offline. Due to those circumstances, Cuban players built their offline mesh network and created complex infrastructures to overcome disconnection barriers. These networks started as offline wired systems, but today they are a hybrid mesh both with wired and wireless components.

S-NET is nowadays an offline mesh network that operates alongside the island. At a rough estimate, there are users for 2000 different games in which there are at least 2500 players that engage in gaming activities every day. DOTA 2 and shooting video games are the favorites among Cuban players.












Photo: Jennifer Ray