I contemplate the practice of art within given contexts and its capacity for the interpretation of social and cultural phenomena. It is a form of action that can actively influence the processes it intervenes. My artistic methodology is to confront bureaucracies and extend social structures to determine more effective ways in which art can participate in the complex relationship between official and informal networks.

My interest focuses on unofficial methods for circulating information and goods, such as alternative forms of economic production, and phenomena resulting from social creativity and recycling, piracy, as well as a-legal activities benefitting from loopholes. More specifically, the idiosyncrasies of digital culture in the Cuban context; which has seen alternative forms of networking emerge in a country that has been completely disconnected from the Internet until recently. When I look into these actions, I pay particular attention to those dynamics deeply related to identity, memory, and cultural/historical amnesia.

In my work, intentionally engage with the phenomenon that I had researched. The artwork is presented as new media installation that includes diagrams, video, photographs, public interventions and objects. Based on the principles of relational aesthetics, the resulting project intervenes within the social context and the participants involved. My process of collaboration is rooted in the search for agents in different theoretical fields with which I could share common interests. That way, every phase could be negotiated and the final result extends beyond the art context.

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